Tobacco Blend - Medium blend tobacco flavor
Honeydew Menthol - a mixture of ripe honeydew melon with freezing cold menthol
We are all familiar with “sour” flavors but this is a one of a kind. Sweet and smooth raspberry...
A delicious blend of ripe strawberries, kiwi, and juicy watermelon
Hope Creme - This blend of the finest creams and vanilla will give you a comforting vape experience.
Blue Raspberry - A burst of sour blue raspberry with a symphony of sweetness.
Hope Mint - Blended to perfection, this minty concoction will feel just like a breeze of fresh air.
Mango - Tropical ripe mango nectar infused with just the right amount of sweetness.
Crisp Apple - Crispy red apple flavour with a tart finish 
The original peach
Grab the taste of a tropical paradise with juicy mango, ripe peach, and a touch of banana
RASPBERRY LEMON LIME ICE: A tantalizing trio of succulent raspberries, zesty lemons, and zingy limes, all perfectly balanced and crowned...
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